Natural reserve Collemeluccio

MaB natural reserve Unesco

Natura & Sapori is a young Italian company highly skilled in the Truffle field, one of the rarest products on earth. Natura & Sapori is located in the Molise region, a land naturally rich of white and black truffle, one of the largest wild truffle areas in Italy, which is becoming more and more notorious. A relevant part of the region was recently recognized as a MAB (Man and the Biosphere ) Reserve from the UNESCO organization. In Italy there are only 19 MAB reserves and only 600 in the whole planet. The entire assortment of Natura & Sapori comes from the reserve and it guarantees unique organoleptic qualities.

Each season offers its fresh truffle variety, that our team directly sources and allows us to be very competitive on the market. Truffles are collected every evening from hunters (people that go hunting in woods with dogs) and prepared to be shipped every morning, in accordance with each customer needs.

Beside fresh truffles, especially the white one and the black summer truffle, our company offers a range of processed truffle based products, like condiments, spreads, snacks and pasta, prepared with carefully selected ingredients Product presentation is also very important to us, it helps to highlight its peculiarity, with new and attractive retail packaging, clear labels for a visible product and nice shape jars.

Natura & Sapori team is composed by young people that bring all their enthusiasm and academic skills with specific knowledge, respecting and preserving old traditions.
Our processes are constantly monitored and improved through HACCP management system, identifying and managing food safety related risks, constantly running laboratory analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw materials.
Natura & Sapori is in compliance with the Usa FDA-FCE certifications, one of the most precise and accurate food regulation systems in the world.