About us

Medieval castle Pescolanciano

Taste and tradition have ancient roots

Growing up in a small mountain village means living in close contact with nature. It means producing your own wine, growing your own vegetables and making tomato puree, raising animals and working your own meat; it also means knowing the truffle and the trees that give them life. Therefore, it means developing passion and knowledge about food and respective traditions. Natura & Sapori was born from the desire to spread authentic cultures.

Teamwork and reliability

Natura & Sapori is a team. It is composed by competent professionals who work together to offer the best solutions to its customers.

We work side by side to make sure that our products meet our customers needs. We provide the best in food safety, quality, nutrition and value. The constant search for new ingredients and producers, the investigations on consumers tastes and needs, are just some of the qualities that distinguish N&S.


Our strength is represented by the skills that each team member is able to bring. Our chef analyze and validate the entry of new products, while logistics experts minimize costs and timing of processes to ensure efficient supply. Our team is able to provide additional consulting services to your business. Please check "Services".