Gift ideas 

With our gift ideas it will be a success!

Truffle is one of the most appreciated products all over the world's kitchens. Thanks to the simplicity of our recipes, anyone will be able to make delicious truffle dishes such as pasta, pizza, bruschetta, or meat and cheese.

With the quality of our product and the originality of the packs you will have the certainty to impress even the most sophisticated.

  • Have you ever tried carbonara pasta with truffles? You will discover that truffle matches perfectly with eggs and pork jawls, adding a touch of originality to a fundamental recipe of our tradition

    25,00 €
  • Essential assortment for a complete truffle starter and first course. The taralli snack and caciocavallo cheese, embellished with white truffle honey to start. A craft beer combined with a bruschetta topped with our oil or white truffle cream, will make the perfect aperitif, followed by a tasty plate of tagliatelle with tartufo that will leave your guests stunned!   All in one gift!!!

    50,00 €
  • The best Molise truffle dishes must be accompanied by an excellent Molise wne from Arco Antico wneries. To remain still tied to our territory, you cannot miss the Molise dry sausage, in its modern and exquisite variant with truffles or the tasty seasoned pork jowls. Package contains a real jewel of our production, the black truffle butter, that will make the condiment to our tagliatelle with truffles, or meat-based second courses such as filet or escalopes. To give a real touch of class, you will also find our minced 100% truffle in oil, suitable for seasoning any type of dish, for the most demanding palates. With such an assortment, it will be impossible to fail!

    75,00 €
  • The fine Caciocavallo truffle cheese is accompanied by the white truffle honey, cold cuts, black truffle butter and truffle creams to prepare a highly prestigious dinner. In this package there are high value truffle products, such as the black truffle carpaccio in E.V. olive oil, ideal to serve with fine meats and eggs, or as a condiment for risotto or simply to make any of your creation become special. It all would be served with our proposal of Tintilia wine, from the renowned Arco Antico wneries.  The package is completed with our proposal of Christmas cake, an artisanal masterpiece from Giugliano pasticceria. Simply the perfect gift you can brag about.

    120,00 €